Neophytos Hadjigeorgiou, Member of Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority

Curriculum Vitae

Neophytos Hadjigeorgiou was born in Kathikas, in 1961. In 1979 he graduated from the 4th High School of Paphos. He is also a graduate of Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and he is a member of the Technical Chamber of Cyprus (ETEK). He was a member of the General Council of ETEK for two terms 1996-1999 and 2005-2008.

He worked as a trainer in the Electrical Technical Training School until 1991. He was then employed by the Electricity Authority Cyprus (EAC) in the position of Assistant Electrical Engineer (until 1994), Electrical Engineer (until 2000), Load Research Engineer (until 2003), Senior Engineer in Customer service (until 2004), Senior officer in Human Resources (until 2009), Assistant Manager in Human resources (until 2012) and as a Human Resources Manager from 2012 until April of 2016 when he was appointed as a member of CERA (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority).