The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) has been established in 2003 in accordance with the European Union directives. According to the responsibilities and the authorization given by the law, it is the National Independent Regulatory Authority for Energy which is able, to oversee and regulate the market for the electricity and gas, ensure effective and fair competition, protect the interest of the consumers, ensure safety, quality, competence, continuity and reliability in the energy supply, as well as encouraging the use of RES. 

CERA as an Independent Public Authority is available to any citizen who requests support and contribution in matters within its competence. Based on the given environment in the energy sector and sustainable development in Cyprus, CERA performs its duties having as top priority the development of a human-centred and energy strategy, which is focused on the consumer. The optimal operation for electricity and gas market, is crucial for the economy and development of the country as well as for the welfare of the citizens. CERA in Cyprus serves these principles and will continue to serve them.