The Cyprus Regulatory Authority for Energy (CERA) may: 
  • In accordance with article 12 of the Licensing Regulation, in response to information received or for any other reason, make a proposal modifying any particular license or type of license and
  • In accordance with article 13, amend the permit in cases where the licensee has given his / her consent to the amendments.

CERA with Desision 264/2019 published "Guidelines for the modifications of Licenses and Exemptions from License for Construction and Operation of power stations"
License Modification Procedure
New data and documents which are required must be submitted by the licensee together with the request for amendment and the change fees, which amount to € 170.86.
Prior to any modification of a permit in accordance with the provisions of the Regulation (Licensing), CERA issues a notice:
  • Indicating that a proposal to modify will be issued and defining the result of the amendment procedure.
  • Indicating the reasons why for the amendment proposal.
  • Setting the time, which must be no less than thirty (30) days from the date of publication of the notice, within which representations or objections may be made to the proposed amendment by anyone affected by it.
  • Takes into account any representation or objection that has taken place within the above-specified time limit and has not been withdrawn.
The notice shall be published in the Official Newspaper of the Republic and, at the discretion of CERA, shall be published in a daily released newspaper in the Republic and a copy shall be sent to each interested licensee.