In order to participate in the Electricity Market a prerequisite is the possession of a permit in accordance with articles 34 and 35 of the Electricity Market Regulations and the associated licensing Regulations. More information about licensing can be found in the Licensing section.

The following parties are currently participating in the Electricity Market:
  • Manufacturers with Thermal Units
  • Producers with RES Stations
  • Retailers

According to the Regulatory Decision "The Detailed Planning of Diversification of the Framework for Regulating the Operation of the Electricity Market of Cyprus", the following parts will contribute to the new Electricity Market regulation:
  • The Cyprus Transmission System Operator (CTSO)
  • The Market Officer
  • The Distribution System Operator (DSO)
  • Producers with:
    • Thermal units connected to the Transmission System or
    • Thermal units connected to the Distribution System with a rated installed capacity of more than 5 MW or
    • RES stations operating outside of National Sponsoring Plans
  • Aggregators for RES stations operating outside National Grant Schemes (with a maximum limit of 20MW in the total RES size they can serve)
  • Retailers
  • Wholesalers
  • Resolving Imbalances
  • Officers
In addition to the CTSO, the Market Operator and the DSO, all other parties are collectively referred to as market participants.