According to the laws regarding the Promotion and Encouragement of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources and the Promotion of Cogeneration of Electricity and Heat, a requirement is the creation and operation of an electronic registry through which the Guarantees of Origin of Production from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Cogeneration Electric Energy (CHP) will be issued, transferred and canceled. 

The Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA), by its Decision No 857/2013, published in the Official Newspaper of the Republic of Cyprus on 15 March 2013, sets the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (CTSO) as the Authorized Issuer for the purpose of issuing Certificates of Guarantee of Origin for Electricity which is produced from RES for production facilities connected to both the Transmission System and the Distribution System. 

Under legislation, the CTSO is also the authorized issuer for all high-efficiency cogeneration plants. 

In order to ensure the objectivity, transparency and impartiality of the procedure for issuing, modifying, revoking, transferring and canceling guarantees for the origin of electricity from renewable energy sources, CERA regulates, observes, monitors, controls, oversees the functioning of the origin guarantee system and determines the necessary measures to this end. 

For more information on the rules for the issuing of Guarantees of Origin and the Charging Fees, please visit the CTSO website and the Electronic Registry for Guarantees of Origin