Users of Small Power Generating Units (Power Generators) up to 10KW are exempt from the requirement to apply and obtain a License for Construction and Operation from CERA while ALL of the following conditions apply:
  1. Generators that were installed or will be installed and operated temporarily for self-production only in locations, where for reasons beyond their control, there is not yet a Distribution Network or for any reason the Distribution System Owner (EAC) is unable or delays the connection and supply of electricity to their premises.
  2. There are no any ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS and no VARNISHES, especially in adjacent premises, from the use of the Power Generator.
  3. The User undertakes the responsibility and is responsible for the safe installation, connection, operation and maintenance of its Power Generator. For this purpose, it must obtain an Installation Inspection Certificate based on the provisions of Chapter T12 - Security Rules  of the Transmission and Distribution Rules before the power station / power plant is in operation.
According to Chapter T12 the Producers connected to the Distribution Network, the inspection of the electrical installations will be carried out by the EAC, while for the Producers who feed without connection to the Distribution Network, the inspection will be carried out by the Department of Electrical and Mechanical Services.
When any of the above conditions ceases to apply, the Exemption is terminated automatically and the person concerned has to submit the legitimate application for License if he / she wants to continue using his / her Power Generator.