The members of the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) decided to adopt a relevant study, prepared by an external consultant of CERA with the title "The new regulations in the electricity market of Cyprus" for the detailed planning of diversification of the framework for regulating the operation of the electricity market of Cyprus, and issue this regulatory decision.
The Regulatory Decision is referred to as "the Detailed Planning of Diversification of the Framework for Regulating the Operation of the Electricity Market of Cyprus", which has been posted on the CERA website and, among others, it has also been published in the Official Newspaper of the Republic of Cyprus as RAA 164/2015, dated at 15 May 2015.
Also, according to the above regulation, CERA has instructed the CTSO to proceed as soon as possible to the preparation of the specification for the supply of the required systems and other arrangements necessary for the orderly functioning of the electricity market as soon as possible. It has also instructed the CTSO to activate the actions required by law to develop new electricity market rules and to review, where appropriate, the transmission and distribution rules to fully implement this regulatory decision.