The cost paid by the EAC for energy produced from Renewable Energy Sources is published on the EAC website each month. 

The cost of purchasing electricity from RES is calculated using the current EAC Fuel Cost of the month. In order to calculate the purchase price of the kilowatt-hour, the fuel price readjustment is consider (the calculation of which can be found in Frequently Asked Questions - "Rates, Invoices - Fuel Price Adjustment") in the basic purchase price of RES. The basic purchase price is equal to the fuel cost of EAC, plus a variable maintenance cost for the EAC. 

For the purpose of calculating the cost of purchasing electricity from RES, the fuel clause is differentiated from the clause applicable to consumers to take into account the losses of the system to which the RES producer is connected. 

The basic purchase price, as well as the fuel clause, are determined using methodologies approved by the Cyprus Regulatory Authority for Energy (CERA). 

For more information regarding the Energy Market Pricing Methodology from RES-Electricity, click on the link below.