Application for regular license

The application for regular licenses concerns: 
  1. Construction and operation of power stations with conventional fuels for commercial purposes, 
  2. Construction and operation of power stations with conventional fuels over 1MW for similar use and backup purposes, 
  3. Construction and operation of power stations using RES beyond 5MW, 
  4. Supply of electricity.  Decision 856/2013 

Application Submission - Examination Procedure - License Issue 

Information on the steps to be followed in accordance with the Regulations of the  Electricity Market Laws and Licensing Regulations during the Application Submission, the Examination Procedure and License Issuing can be found in the FAQ

Application Form - Documents and Details to submit with the application 

At the bottom of the page you can find the application form and all the documents / details that must accompany the application when submitting it. 
More information and news regarding the application and the required documents can be found in the Licensing / Announcements - Information

Application Fees 

When applying, the corresponding Application Fee must be paid. For Power Generation Stations it is 8,5430 € cents per kW of requested production power with a minimum amount of € 170,86. 

Annual Fees 
Annual fees are charges paid each year for the preservation of a license and for Power Generation Stations, and they amount to 68,344 € cents per kW of installed generation capacity. 

More information on annual fees can be found in Frequently Asked Questions