A final consumer invoice is simple, clear and provides sufficient information for consumers to be able to make decisions about consumption and choose a supplier. An invoice provides at least the following information:
  • The total price of electricity, and
  • The analysis of the total price in:
  1. A base price that forms the unregulated or possibly non adjustable price leg, including, also the production costs and the margin of supply so as to enable consumers to compare suppliers' offers;
  2. Network charges (including the costs of the Cyprus Transmission System Operator);
  3. Public service obligations (PSO);
  4. The cost of renewable and high efficiency cogeneration;
  5. Other costs, and
  6. Taxes.

The following information should be made available to final consumers in a clear and comprehensible manner in their bills, contracts, transactions and receipts or accompanying the aforementioned invoicing stations:
  • Current actual prices and actual energy consumption;
  • Comparisons of the final consumption of the final consumer to its consumption during the same period of the previous year, preferably in the form of a chart;
  • Where possible, comparisons with a normal or exemplary end user segment of the same user category, and
  • Contact details of end consumer organizations, energy organizations or related bodies together with web site addresses from which information on available energy efficiency improvement measures, comparisons of different end-user categories and / or objective technical specifications for the Energy-saving equipment.
  • Energy efficiency tips attached to the accounts and other forms of information to final consumers.

End-users are offered the option of electronic invoicing and pricing, and if customers ask for it, they receive clear and comprehensible explanations of how their account has been generated. Final consumers will receive all bills and energy consumption data free of charge and final consumers' access to their consumption data will also be free of charge (Energy Directive 2012/27 / EU, Article 11, paragraph 1) .

More information on pricing can be found in the FAQ