Energy Sources Contribution to Total Fuel Mixture

The revelation of the Energy Mixture is necessary in accordance with the Article 91 (1) (d) of the Electricity Market Regulation Laws. According to the law, consumers have the right to provide information from suppliers on the contribution of each energy source to the overall fuel mixture.

According to the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority Decision (CERA) 1279/2015, suppliers are required to disclose the energy mixture in their consumer accounts and other informational material they distribute to consumers. By revealing the energy mixture, consumers have the ability to choose the supplier that best meets their environmental sensitivities. The period for the publication of these data commences from 1 July of year x + 1 until 30 June of year x + 2.

In addition, suppliers should publish the environmental impacts of their electricity production to consumers.

For more information on Vendor Mixture Revelation Methodology, visit the Cyprus Transmission System Operator (CTSO)