The Cyprus Regulatory Authority for Energy (CERA) in accordance with the Natural Gas Market Law Regulation, has the responsibility to promote the development of an economically robust and efficient gas market and to ensure safety, continuity in the provision, Quality and efficiency in the supply of natural gas. More information on the objectives, powers and responsibilities of CERA in the Natural Gas Market can be found under CERA / Objectives, Powers and Responsibilities.

The current Law on Regulating the Natural Gas Market (2012) which adopts the important features of the 3rd Energy Package has provisions for the regulation of the natural gas market in the Republic of Cyprus and among others sets the rules for the transportation, distribution, supply and storage of the natural gas. Additionally, it defines the rules concerning the operation and functioning of the natural gas sector, the access to the market and the exploitation of the networks as well as the criteria and the procedures for the granting of licences for the transportation, distribution, supply and storage of natural gas. The law describes the duties and responsibilities of CERA and defines in a complete manner its role and range of activities.

Given that the natural gas market in Cyprus is under development, the main aim is the creation of an organised market, on the model of corresponding markets in the world, but also according to the best practices of the European Natural Gas Industry with proper operation of all those involved in the market e.g. companies or statutory institutions. 

It is expected that the natural gas market will be developed in phases, which in addition to their timelines, will be of evolutionary character, i.e. they will provide for the important steps to be made so that Cyprus may have within a reasonable time a market harmonised with the European acquis and a market which will operate in an efficient and cost-effective way for its consumers.

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