The following information is presented in the attached Charts for each of the years 2016 to 2020 (in €c/kWh):
  • Network fees for consumers connected to the Low Voltage (includes the Use of Transmission System Tariff, Use of Distribution System Tariff Medium Voltage, Use of Distribution System Tariff Low Voltage, Tariff for the provision of Ancillary Services and long-term reserve, Tariff for the recovery of expenses of the Transmission System Operator Cyprus),
  • The average price of the basic wholesale tariff (T-W) per sent out unit.
  • The average price of the basic residential tariff (Single Rate Domestic Use Tariff -Code 01). 
  • The Allowed Revenues of EAC per kWh sold.
It is noted that in 2017 the revised regulated electricity tariffs of EAC, which are based on the Statement on Regulatory Practice and Methodology of Electricity Tariffs (Regulatory Decision No. 02/2015, Reg. 208/2015) have been applied.