Energy Community

The Energy Community was established by the International Treaty signed in Athens in 2005. The Treaty establishing the Energy Community unites the European Union and the countries of the Southeastern Europe and the Black Sea region.

Its main objectives are to attract investment in energy production and networks to ensure a stable and continuous supply of energy, to contribute to the integration of the energy market, to enhance security of supply, to promote environmental protection and to enhance regional competition .

The Energy Community consists of eight Contracting Parties, one Candidate, four Observers and twenty Participants.


Energy Community Regulatory Council (ECRB)

The Energy Community Regulatory Council (ECRB) is the coordination platform for the exchange of knowledge and the development of best practices for the regulated electricity and gas markets in the Energy Community. Its mission is to facilitate the development of competitive and integrated gas and electricity markets for the benefit of the Energy Community of businesses and citizens.

Under the Treaty, the Board of Regulators:
  • Advises the Council of Ministers or the Permanent High Level Group on the details of legal, technical and regulatory rules;
  • Issue recommendations on cross-border disputes between two or more regulators at the request of any of them;
  • Take measures, if so authorized by the Council of Ministers;
  • Adopts Procedural Acts.

The ECRB consists of representatives of the regulatory authorities of the eight Contracting Parties (Albania (EER), Bosnia and Herzegovina (SERC), Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (ERC), Montenegro (REGAGEN), Serbia (AERS), Moldova (ANRE) (NEURC) and Kosovo (ERO)). The ECRB also includes thirteen representatives of regulators without the right to vote, the so-called Participants (Austria), Bulgaria (SEWRC), Croatia (HERA), Cyprus (CERA), Germany (BNetzA), Greece (RAE) (MEKH), Italy (AEEGSI), Romania (ANRE) and an ACER representative). In addition, observer status is entrusted to two regulators (Georgia (GNERC) and Turkey (EMRA)).