Participants in the energy markets in Cyprus should register via CERA using the link below:

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The system used to register participants in the energy markets in Cyprus is called the Central European Register of Participants in the Energy Markets CEREMP.

CEREMP is an online platform developed by ACER and National Regulatory Authorities for use by energy market participants to meet registration and reporting obligations under the REMIT Regulation.

The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators in Europe (ACER) has already defined the information that should be submitted for the participants' online registration. The type and type of data required during the registration process are set out in Annex 1 to the ACER Decision 01/2012.

Through the above procedure, CERA has set up a special register of participants for the purpose of implementing the REMIT Regulation, which has the obligation to keep it up to date.

For the purpose of assisting and supporting market participants, the CEREMP Subscription Manual is available.

For further support, please send your questions to under the title REMIT-CEREMP-CERA- (Name of Market Participant) -Question.