Application for Exemption from License Exemption using RES from 1kW to 20kW 

The Application for Exclusion of Licensing / RES refers to (a) Construction and (b) Operation of power plants with RES from 1kW to 20kW. 

Note: Net Metering and Autoproduction Support Plans are excluded. 
  • The Net Metering Plan, applications should be submitted to the EAC Regional Offices in its capacity as Distributor System Operator. 
  • For the Autoproduction Plan, the applications should be submitted in the form of the Application for Exemption of Licensing / RES 

Decision 1549 / 2016 

Procedure for Exemption from License-Exemption of Power Generation Facilities using Renewable Energy Sources (RES) with Electric Power from 1kW Up to 20kW 
  1. Submission of an application to CERA for exemption from the obligation to obtain an exemption from the license for the construction and operation of a power station with a total installed capacity of 1kW to 20kW. The application must be submitted before the construction of the proposed Station. 
  2. CERA will receive only the applications for which the requested Application Fee is paid and are accompanied by all the following documents and data: 
  • Written declaration / attestation by a Engineered Member of the ETEK, accompanied by a copy of a license to exercise the engineering profession from ETEK, for: 
    • Location of the proposed Station, Full Address and / or Sheet, Design, Piece, 
    • The legal permision of the building, farm, farm unit, shaft, pump, etc., that will be fed with the electricity produced, 
    • Consent / Authorization of owner of the construction site, appropriately certified, in cases where the applicant is not the owner of the site, 
    • Static adequacy of equipment and support bases where required, 
    • Construction of the Station according to standard terms of the Department of Urban Planning and Housing or the obtained approval of Urban Planning for the proposed project, 
    • Manufacturer, type and power of the proposed equipment (eg PV modules, Wind turbine, voltage inverter, inverter, etc.) and that the equipment to be used meets the up to date requirements, 
    • Suggested Total installed power of the Station, 
    • Manufacturer, type and power of the electricity storage unit for the proposed electricity storage facility and specifications, 
    • Where will be used the generated electricity, and whether the proposed Station will be connected to the grid, 
  • Authorization by the owner of the Station of Engineer, member of the ETEK, to submit to CERA the appropriately certified relevant request for exemption and the acceptance of the relevant assignment by the Engineer. 
  • Contact details of the Station owner, postal address, telephone, fax, e-mail. The holder of the exemption from License is obliged to inform CERA immediately of any variation of the contact details he has stated in his application to CERA, 
  • Natural persons: Authentic copy of identity, 
  • Legal persons: Recent original certificate of incorporation by a Registrar of Companies, 
  • Application fee, which amounts to EUR 170,86. 
  1. CERA will review and evaluate the application and decide whether or not to grant the requested exemption from License-Exemption within a period not exceeding one month. The exemption from License-Exemption granted by CERA will be valid for twelve months. 
  2. The holder of the exemption of the  License-Exemption, within the period of validity of this exemption, must construct and operate the RES Station proposed in the application and in time, before the end of the twelve-month period, submit to CERA a copy of the Station Inspection Certificate by the competent authority, and a responsible Statement of an ETEK Engineer for the proper construction of the Station. 
  3. Upon the correct timely submission of the Certificate of Inspection and the Certificate of proper construction, CERA will extend the period of validity of the Exemption from License-Exemption for 10 years. 
  4. Provided that if the holder of the RES station wishes to continue the operation of the station and after ten years it may request an additional extension of the period of exemption from License-Exemption for another ten years, under the condition that you submit in good time before the expiration of the current exemption, a new Certificate of Inspection of the Facility by the competent authority, and relevant certificate by an  Engineer member of ETEK, that the situation of the station line and complies with the terms of the exemption of the license-exemption from CERA. 
  5. Power Stations connected to the network and wish to disconnect and operate as autonomous will pay a fee reflecting the cost of general service, performance, depreciation and future maintenance of the network. 
  6. Any exemption from an License-Exemption granted by CERA will have a unique number that will be recorded in a relevant record kept by CERA together with all the details of each installation. 
  7. This Decision does not apply to existing and future projects that are integrated and operated in accordance with the Net Metering and Autoproduction Frameworks which use PV Panels. 
  8. All other existing legal power stations using RES, excluding Net Metering and Autoproduction which use PV Panels, constructed and operated in accordance with previous decisions of CERA, are obliged within twelve months from the date of application of this decision to inform CERA with a writing report about the Station, location, technology, electrical power, how it is used the generated electricity, whether the station is connected to the electric system or is autonomous and the contact information. Any intention of an existing Station owner of this category to undertake a major renovation and / or modification and / or change of ownership regime and / or the way it is used terminates his existing operating regime and the owners of such Power Stations are obliged to submit to CERA a request for an exemption By Exemption from License=Exemption under CERA Decision 1549/2016.