Article 95 of the Regulation of the Electricity Market Laws and Rules (Performance Indicators) govern the establishment and definition of performance indicators and the procedures under which Suppliers and the Distribution System Operator (DSO) comply with the performance indices. 
The Suppliers and the DSO propose to the Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority (CERA) performance indicators which will be included in the Regulations (Performance Indicators) and after they have been approved by CERA, they will be included in the Consumer Charter, which will be issued by the Suppliers and the DSO and will outline the performance indicators to inform consumers. 
Performance indicators prepared by Suppliers and the DSO and which are approved by CERA are non-discriminatory but may vary for different categories of consumers. 
The Regulations (Performance Indicators) may impose obligations on licensees, relevant but not limited to: 
  • Procedures for submission or resubmission of performance indicators; 
  • The timetable for the implementation of performance indicators; 
  • Procedures for periodic review of performance indicators; 
  • Some key performance indices that must be complied with by suppliers and the DSO; 
  • Keeping and publishing a performance registry; 
  • Administrative fines for failure to comply with performance indicators related to the preparation or implementation or revision of performance indicators; 
  • Compensation or other treatments for consumers for failure to comply with the performance indices set out in the Performance Indicators Regulations; 
  • Provision of information to CERA by licensees related to actual performance in relation to approved performance indices; 
  • Notification to consumers of performance indicators and any treatments available to them; 
  • Revision and approval or rejection of Performance Indicators submitted by Suppliers and the DSO, including the timetable; and 
  • Providences governing compliance with performance indicators.