Association of Mediterranean Regulators for Electricity and Natural Gas (MEDREG)

MedReg is the Union of Energy Regulators of the Mediterranean, founded in 2007, according to the Italian law and based in Rome. Today it consists of 24 Regulatory Authorities of Energy (ERE), Algeria (CREG and ARI), Bosnia and Herzegovina (SERC), Croatia (HERA), Cyprus (CERA), Egypt (RAEE) ), Israel (PUA and NGA), Italy (AEEGSI), Jordan (EMRC and MEMR), Libya (ME), Malta (REWS), Montenegro (REGAGEN), Morocco (MEMEE), Palestine (PERC) , Slovenia (AGEN-RS), Spain (CNMC), Tunisia (MIT) and Turkey (EMRA)).

MedReg promotes a transparent, stable and harmonized regulatory framework in the Mediterranean region, with an emphasis on market integration and infrastructure investment as well as on consumer protection and stakeholder cooperation in the Mediterranean basin, in order to apply the conditions To create a future Mediterranean Energy Community, based on a bottom-up approach.

MedReg is actively supported by the EU and the Council of European Regulators of Energy (CEER). The MedReg General Assembly meets twice a year.

Cyprus is represented at the General Assemblies by the Vice President of CERA.